Workshops & Keynotes

  • Cultivating land and people relationships

    by Kevin McLaws

    Friday Keynote 4:30 pm

    Kevin will share the vision of the East Zion Initiative that includes the Appel Cross Station a visitors center providing hands-on agricultural experiences connecting visitors to this heritage landscape through farming and food.    

  • Cultivating Change

     by Sherrie Lou Staheli Tate

     Saturday Keynote  9:00 am Room 7

    Farming isn’t just about the crops you grow, there is a certain feeling that is planted in the hearts of those who visit. Theres a magical feeling they can’t explain. Visitors leave with a understanding and excitement for the  love for farming.
    “The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.” -Masanobu Fukuoka

  • Georgics: the foundation of food freedom

    by Shanon Brooks

     Saturday Keynote 2:50  Room 7

    Food freedom is choice in food production and consumption. But as in all issues of choice, there is more to it than just the independence of what we grow in the ground or put into our mouths. There is a culture, a way of living that was once inseparable to the agrarian concepts of western civilization food independence: this is the long lost culture of Georgics.

  • Why Biodynamics? Biodynamic agriculture is the fastest growing “Roots Grass” movement in the world. 

    by Kristi Albright

    Saturday Workshops  10:00 Room 4-5

    It is the science of life-forces using special preparations to bring healing to an ailing Earth. Based on the
    knowledge of the audience, this workshop will help you understand a greater depth of stewardship to the
    earth, reading the “Book of Nature”, and bringing the spirit into the matter in your agricultural work. Resources
    provided will be invaluable in your work as a beginner or advanced biodynamic farmer. It is time for human
    beings to listen to the Earth and to hear what she is speaking to us.

  • Bootstrap Farming: Buckets, Bailing Twine, and Duct Tape.

    by William DeMille

    Saturday Workshops 10:00 Room 1

    Making something out of nothing.
 I’ve done so much for so long with so little that now I can do practically anything with almost nothing.Come have some fun, get some cool ideas, learn how you can make things work with what you have.

  • Localizing our seed supply

    by Joseph Lofthouse

    Saturday Workshops 10:00 Room 2-3

    Growing and using local seeds for increasing food security and enjoyment.

  • Pivoting During a Pandemic

    by Kat McCracken Puzey

    Saturday Workshops 11:10 Room 4-5

    This is a behind the scenes look at what goes into pivoting your farmers market business online to survive during covid 19 restrictions. Kat Puzey, the founder and Executive Director of MoFACo (the Modern Farm and Artisan Co-op), will take you through what they did to establish an online market, re-open their farmers market, and open a co-op to keep local thriving in St. George Utah during the pandemic.

  • Agrochemical to Regenerative Farming, My First Steps

    by Stanford Jensen

    Saturday Workshops 11:1Room 2-3

    How do I quit my chemical fertilizer, monoculture, pesticide and herbicide addiction?  I’m not totally sure. I’m trying and will share my first steps into what for me, is the unknown.

  • Distillation in the Sustainable Setting.

    by Eric Scott Bresselsmith

    Saturday Workshops 11:10 Room 1

    Repurposing tree debris/logging slash, landfill trimmings. Focus on essential oil and hydrosol +  uses.

  • Tourism is demanding AG experiences

    by Jocelyn Andersen & Kristie Adams

    Saturday Workshops 1:25 Room 2-3

    Agro-tourism has plenty of room to grow in Utah!  We’re discussing case studies; what works & what hasn’t.  As well as some worthwhile ideas to consider and approachable ways to jump in now. 

  • Embracing Farming as an Evolutionary Process

    by Mariana Last-Bills

    Saturday Workshops 1:25 Room 1

    We associate evolution with the cut-throat phase "survival of the fittest" when it is more accurately defined as "processes and patterns of organisms and how they change over time". From season to season, farmers observe the processes and patterns of evolution in more than our crops and pests, we see it in our food systems, farms, businesses, careers and untimely ourselves. 

  • Flowers to the Table- Collaborations between Food and Flower Farmers.

    by Fawn Rueckert

    Saturday Workshops 1:25 Room 4-5

    We will be discussing the best ways to approach collaborations and discussing ideas that food and flower farmers can support each other and broaden each other's markets.

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