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Vendor Lobby & Book Store

The Vendor Lobby boasts the Centers Book store with wisely chosen items and books featuring many top authors who have presented and taught at previous Utah Farm & Food conferences. A local coffee house, The Grind, will be in the Vendor lobby to meet all your beverage needs.

We carefully select less than 18 vendors from organizations and businesses that serve and or sell products and services that support the farm and food community. The Vendor Lobby is conveniently located in the lobby of the Heritage Center, where all keynote addresses are given. 

Reach an influential, diverse, and niche group of farmers, ranchers, owners, retailers, activists, educators, homesteaders, and supporters. Vendors are also listed with and become a part of the open-to-the-public annual state-wide Farmers Market on Saturday. Vendor booth fees may be used towards a sponsorship.

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