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Vendor Lobby & Book Store


Reach an influential, diverse and niche group of farmers, ranchers, owners, retailers, activists, educators, homesteaders, and supporters. 

Red Acre Center Book Store (all proceeds benefit Red Acre Center)

The Grind Coffeehouse

Biodynamic Source - biodynamic preparations

Quail Hallow Farm - seeds and canned goods

MarketLink - a program that supports farmers and farmers' market in implementing SNAP, Incentive programs

Local Chow - Online marketplace

Fresh Produce 365 - Greenhouse

Delectation of Tomatoes - Seeds

Aldine Strychdine the Punk Rock Farmer - Seed Sharing

UDAF - Soil Health Programs

Roberts Ranch Hoophouses - Hoophouse Kits

Go Biochar - Biochar and Information about Biochar

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