• Kevin McLaws

    Keynote Speaker

    Kevin & Stacy Mc Laws are the founders and owners of Zion Mountain Guest Ranch, a working farm and bison ranch. The landowners, and local partners of the Zion National Park Forever Project

  • Sherrie Lou Staheli Tate

    Keynote Speaker

    Sherrie is most known for her work in building Southern Utah’s largest Agri-tourism farm. A
    4th generation farmers daughter, Sherrie learned the value of hard work and considers it one of the greatest gifts. Sherrie graduated from Dixie High and attended UVU. Her passion for creativity and nature lead her down the path of Interior design. After 17 years of design work she kicked off her heels and pulled back on her boots. Sherrie’s roots run deep in the soils of Washington Fields, she has the best memories of wide open spaces, green pastures ,and small family farms.
    Voted 2020 Utah Farm Bureau’s Women's Advocate for Agriculture, Sherrie has played an important part as a voice in the preservation of Agriculture in Washington County. “It’s not your dads farm anymore”, with growth and development surrounding the family farm Sherrie has learned to cultivate change with innovative and original ways to sustain and protect the family farm

    Keynote Speaker: Saturday 

  • Shanon Brooks

    Keynote Speaker

    Shanon Brooks is the president of Monticello College, a unique school that combines georgics, the liberal arts, manual arts, and entrepreneurship with the goal of debt-free, mortgage-free, self-reliant graduates.


    He is the author of AMERICAN: Killing the American Dream and A Thomas Jefferson Education for Teens. 


    Dr. Brooks is a veteran of military service in the United States Submarine Fleet and holds a Bachelor’s degree in business administration, a Master’s degree in education, and a Ph.D. in constitutional law.

    Keynote Speaker: Saturday 

  • Kristie Adams


    Kristie Adams has a unique ability to detect obstacles, setbacks and challenges in a business environment and turn them into positive, solution-based outcomes to accelerate growth and results.
    She has had the opportunity to work in the health and wellness industry in business management and health coaching. Thanks to her powerful abilities, she was able to assume the role of business consultant for clients around the United States wanting to develop more streamlined systems and processes for their businesses to increase their success with ease.
    She is currently a partner at Gold Creative, helping businesses create &  improve their current processes to expedite growth, production and results. She strongly believes that the advancement in business is strengthened through community efforts and allies.

  • Kristi Albright


    Kristi Albright and her husband, Stanford Juncker, together have over 80 years of combined gardening
    knowledge. Stanford, having gardened since age 16 and worked in Israel on a Kibbutz, and Kristi, having had
    farms in Idaho and Utah, discovered biodynamics about 15 years ago, and they have since developed a
    biodynamic educational garden on their 1/3 acre in Manti where they grow a biodiversity of over 100+
    varieties of edible plants. (Now that they are retired!) Along with her regular international classes, Kristi
    currently teaches biodynamic agriculture at Snow College in Ephraim along with holistic nutrition, cooking, and
    herbs. She also teaches meditation and eurythmy movement as a foundation for human beings to connect to
    the Earth.

  • Jocelyn Andersen


    Jocelyn Andersen’s work efforts are grounded in the statement “make it better”.  
    After several years of working with tourism based clients it became obvious that there was a need that should be taken on, with a creative solution.   Co-founding and then co-organizing the Southern Utah Tourism Summit each year was a great advance. The summit is going on its 4th year and has created a wider community, helped wear down some mighty barriers and gain better representation and interaction with the state powers that be “up North”. 
    With a majority of her clients in tourism she has spent her career developing Brand Purpose, creating or refining better messaging and helping guide best brand & business decisions for properties, hotels, cities, counties, towns, leagues, vacation & residential developments, and many other components within tourism.  Additionally, she consults as partner at Gold Creative on projects needing to communicate and share their purpose -better. 

  • Eric Scott Bresselsmith


    Eric has been pursuing wellness and health through lifestyle for quite a spell now. Good food and the best of medicines became obvious choices early on in life not to mention taking the message of rock and roll to heart – go up the country and rebel with a cause!

  • Chase Campbell

    Pre-Conference Presenter

    My name is Chase Campbell and I am a Certified Traditional Foods Cook & Instructor. I am a proud member of the Weston A. Price Foundation and the Chapter Leader of the Washington County WAPF Chapter. I have been teaching and cooking traditional foods for over 3 1/2 years. I study how traditional cultures have prepared their foods to obtain optimal health in their life and how to re-introduce that into today’s society. The majority of the population is not living an optimal life and many people are ignorant to that fact. My personal goal and my businesses mission is to help people understand their food like our ancestors did and prepare their food in order to improve their health and live a long happy life without any pain or restraints. We are meant to eat and live in a way that keeps us strong, healthy and fit and I am working to bring that back to the world and those I love. YOU!

  • William DeMille


    William DeMille is a lifelong farmer, gardener, and more recently a farm consultant. He holds certificates in aquaponic engineering and production from Cornell University, New York, and GrowHaus, Denver, Colorado. He has consulted several agricultural startups and other farming enterprises since 2005. He specializes in midscale vegetable production utilizing high tunnels and greenhouses but also teaches new farmers the how-tos of all aspects of running their farm. He loves integrating the practical ideas of many gardening methods together from the natural resources found in your local area. He has built three farms from the ground up from bare earth to productive
    food-producing systems. He loves everything food-related found in the outdoors including gardening, tractors, all the organic ideas, hunting, fishing, livestock production, dutch oven cooking, and more...
    He currently lives in the snow capped mountains of
    Northern Nevada.

  • Stanford Jensen


    I never intended to work the farm. I became an Engineer and worked happily so. I became a father and desired to raise my children. This was hard from my desk, but I knew of a better way. I never had a problem with agrochemical farming. Then I learned how dangerous the chemicals were to me, my family and the soil. Then through the kindness of a stranger, I was introduced to the work of Joel Salatin and I began to learn a better way. 
    Kristi, I and our four young children. Live and work on the family farm. We grow hay and corn. In 2020, we added wheat and oats. We also added a heard of grass-fed cows for beef and our oldest Samantha, age 8, raised pastured chickens for eggs.

  • TK Kern

    Pre-Conference Presenter

    TK spent over 10 years working in the software industry and graduated with honors from Neumont College with a degree in Computer Science. After confronting the impacts of rising technology on the environment and culture he changed courses and threw himself into the weeds of building communities around small-scale agriculture.

    He has been the Director of Botanical Affairs at Red Acre Farm in Cedar City since 2017 and the Secretary of the Board of Directors of Red Acre Center for Food and Agriculture since 2018.

  • Marianna Last-Bills


    Mariana grew up in Northern California where hiking, tending to the family garden and orchard, canning, battling gophers, and of course swimming in muddy irrigation ditches with cousins was the norm. She studied Plant Biology at BYU, Provo and after graduating decided to take a detour from the academic track she was on in order to apply her knowledge of plants toward her passion for growing food and being out in nature. Over the last decade, her farming career has been greatly expanded by working on a handful different farms, in different states, and all in different climates.  When she’s not on the farm covered in dirt, you can usually find her covered in dirt spending time with friends and family, experimenting in the kitchen and exploring the outdoors.

  • Kat McCracken Puzey


    Kat Puzey grew up in Billings, Montana, and moved to Utah to attend college. After touring in a bluegrass band, she met her husband and launched a career in corporate retail. Over the next 6 years, Kat was promoted 3 times, ranked in the top 10 stores nationwide, and moved to a position in Denver. When she became pregnant with her first child, she decided to only do things she was passionate about. So they moved back to St. George, Utah and she became engrossed in the local food movement. Kat has facilitated the Downtown Farmers' Market for the past 3 years, launched a nonprofit MoFACo, opened a co-op, and is working on opening the MoFACo Community Garden this year.
    Thank you-

  • Joseph Lofthouse


    I usually call myself a seed keeper. But titles are sometimes better given than chosen. Plant breeder, seed saver, popular speaker, and regular contributing author for Mother News magazine. Josephs's seeds can be purchased at some of the finest heirloom seed companies, and co-ops.

  • Chelsee Robinson

    Yoga Instuctor

    Chelsee is a local teacher and co-owner of Bristle Cone Coffee and Yoga here in Cedar City, Utah. She loves teaching children and trauma-informed classes. She’s excited to share yoga.

  • Fawn Rueckert


    Fawn Rueckert is the farmer at Sego Lily Flower farm in the heart of the Salt Lake valley. Her farm evolved out of her desire to beautify her vegetable garden over 5 years ago and she hasn't looked back since. Fawn has also served as vice president to the Utah Cut Flower Farm Association since it's inception in 2019. She lives with her husband and four boys in South Jordan, Utah.

  • Aldine Strychnine

    Seed Exchange

    Radio host of weekly Urban farm report, 5 years running at community station Krcl 90.9 FM in Salt Lake City. Seed saver and urban farmer. An advocate of regenerative, sustainable farming, and the importance of where our nutrient dense food comes from, and the benefits we all can reap from eating it.

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