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Kid Cultivation Station

Goal: To give the next generation of farmers a hands-on experience learning about local food and the different elements that are important to get food to our plate: soil, pollinators, animals, and of course the farmers! Our little farmers will play with an unusual artists medium- soil! We’ll learn about the different soils in Utah and the importance of healthy soil for a healthy agriculture system. We will create books about different livestock found on the farm to provide an opportunity to talk about animal needs, uses, offspring, and seasonal changes. We will explore our love for our pollinators and the crucial roll they play in the ecosystem while making beeswax modeling clay. Upon departure we hope your child will have gained an appreciation for the beauty and gifts life has to offer.

This program was thoughtfully designed by Chris & Amanda of Argyle Acres


Friday, January 12th

8:30 am-6 pm

3-12 yr olds, children of attendees only

12 prospective farmers

Children will be cared for by Jane & Marco Ledesma from Discovery Bear Daycare

Your little farmers will be in good hands with Jane and Marco. They are background checked, CPR and first aid certified, have current food handlers permits, and are licensed educators






  • Beeswax Modeling Clay

  • Soil Painting

  • Agricultural coloring pages

  • Create their own About Books: Cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, chickens

  • Free play

  • Plant people

  • Growing Pizza

  • Farm Bingo

  • Music Time

  • Outdoor Walk (weather permitting)



  • Homemade Organic Fruit Roll Ups (mango & strawberry)

  • Sourdough Mini Banana Muffins - Shelley’s Sourdough

  • Local meat & cheese sticks - Sunnyfield Meats

  • Local carrots & radishes - Red Acre Farm

  • Organic apples and pears

  • Popcorn - Peterson Farms

  • Hard Boiled Eggs - Argyle Acres

  • Organic Milk


  • Drop off starts at 8:30am on Friday. All children must be picked up by 6pm.

  • All parents must leave a contact number

  • Children must be picked up during lunch (12:50-2:20)

  • We are not responsible for changing diapers or bathroom assistance. Parents are responsible to make sure their kids use the restroom before class. If an accident or dirty diaper happens we will contact the parent via their cell number to handle it.

  • We will provide activities, story time, crafts, and free play time.

  • Kids can come and go as the parents see fit.

  • Kids Cultivation Station will not be provided during the dinner or mixer

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