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About The Conference

Our 5th annual conference is definitely different this year but still happening and yes in person.

We invite you to discuss the big challenges, explore new opportunities and find solutions right alongside fellow farmers, and those who care about what they eat, how it is grown, the soil it is grown in, and that we have a safe, secure, local food system. 

This Conference is a unique opportunity for smaller-acreage producers, small commercial farmers, and homesteaders to gain insight, unite and engage in conversations, workshops, a seed exchange, farm tours, and most importantly to gather.

Farmers and ranchers have always gathered to support one another and to exchange seed and wisdom maintaining the vital annual thread of fertility and abundance that we were put here on Earth to steward. NO ONE can stop us from our task!


Wondering About COVID?

Following the current state orders and guidelines put in place, we are still able to host our conference. We want to assure you that we are working closely with the city, county, and every venue to ensure we are following all the necessary guidelines and orders to make this a safe event.

We believe that first and foremost is preventative care: self-care, eating organic healthy whole foods, being physically active, avoiding pollution, and boosting your immune system is the best defense against COVID-19 or any virus. Feel free to wear masks, social distance, or any other preventative measures you feel comfortable with.

Attendance will be limited to 100 attendees. Full-time farmers, homesteaders, and artisan producers will be given priority.